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What are Smart Graves

The traditional headstone hasn’t changed much in the past 100 years. Many graves get forgotten about as time goes on until the headstone’s pictures and words fade.

We wanted to change this, we wanted to create a world where noting is forgotten. A smart grave is a grave that can theoretically last forever. A smart grave begins with you sharing information about your loved one with us through the form that can be found on our home page, once you fill in the form our team will get to work on designing a unique memorial. the next step in creating your loved ones’ smart grave is getting your memorial linked to a unique QR code, which we print directly onto a top tier acrylic plate which can be attached to any traditional headstone or grave ornament such as a plaque.

These unique QR plates are specifically design to be outside and are weather resistant. Once your QR coded plate is attached to your loved one’s headstone, your loved ones’ smart grave QR code will be available to scan forever preserving their memory for the future generations.