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John Doe

Johndoe town, Co. John, John
hfusoacj\iosajcsaCDSACDSACDSACDSACDSACDSACDJSIAOCJOIDSAJCDSACIIJCIJOCSIOJCIOSJCIOSJIOJIOICOSIOJIJOCSAS Xyrus loved hard and is loved by many hard – he had many goals .. during his time here he made it a priority to take good care of himself ,he often went to the gym to work on his strength and stamina so he can someday get a scholarship in sports for college.. Preferably a D1 sports scholarship he wanted to study business so he can one day take over his dads company .. he loved McDonald’s french Fries .. Chick-fil-A.. Starbucks (caramel RibbonCrunch frappe with extra crunch … after school he worked at Little Ceasers pizzeria and saved his money to buy his first car .. most of all his paychecks were going to fixing his car to his liking .. he grew fascinated in car shows and wanted to someday showcase his car … while at home he often played the music loud in his bed room .. played PlayStation and wrestled with his brother Ethan .. he often help his mom with his baby twin brothers Lu

“John Doe Memory”

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