Grave Ornaments Online

Don’t buy Grave Ornaments Online Until You Visit allows you to capture your loved one’s personality and really personalise your loved one’s grave. Here’s how. lets you store pictures, videos, your loved one’s WHOLE LIFE STORY and much much more, all on one little hard-wearing, QR coded aluminium plate that attaches directly onto your loved one’s grave or headstone.

I want to buy a Grave Ornament from . How do I do it?

To get one of these grave ornaments made to decorate a loved one’s grave, first you need to visit Once your there follow these steps.

  • Click Create a SmartGrave.
  • Fill in your loved one’s information, Like they’re interests and hobbies, Their life stories etc.
  • Upload photos and other media.
  • Proceed to payment

Once you have all this done will assign one of their friendly designers to create a memorial for your loved one this designer will contact you through email before and after the memorial is complete to make sure that you are 100% happy with your new grave ornament, and if your not all edits are completely FREE.

 Its as easy as that, your all ready to go, always has a team on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Why Should I choose to buy Grave Ornaments Online? offers a truly unique grave ornament. There are so many reasons to choose but I have composed a list of the top five.

  • is Irish made as are all their memorials.
  • A will last forever and every single QR code links to a different memorial.
  • allows you to edit and upload up to 500 photos to any memorial.
  • allows you to edit your memorial for free allowing you to add additional pictures overtime. Maybe pictures of new grandkids?
  • And finally a SmartGrave will last forever, in 100 years time, when a headstone is let grow wild and the text on the grave has faded so much it is barely readable. The plate will still be there and visitors will still be able to scan it and look at pictures, videos and read your loved one’s entire life story.

As I said there are a million reasons to buy a grave ornament online for a loved one from but don’t take our word for it. Visit to see for yourself.

“Don’t buy Grave Ornaments Online Until You Visit Memory”