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5 Best Ornaments to Leave at a Grave in Ireland.

Ireland’s graveyards boast some of the most beautifully decorated graves in the world but with Ireland’s weather being as diverse as we all know it to be it can be hard to choose a grave ornament that will honour your loved ones and last over a long period of time.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 9 decorations and ornaments so you can choose grave ornaments that will be sure to honour your loved ones and survive the harshest of Irish weather.

  1. QR Coded Memorial.

The online memorial is our top choice when it comes to decorating any grave and for good reason, have made creating an online memorial for a loved one as seamless as possible, simply fill in the form on their website ( and they get to work on creating your unique memorial.

Once your memorial has been completed they create a unique QR code and engrave it into an aluminium plate that can be attached to most headstones with ease.

According to their website they choose to use aluminium for their product as it doesn’t discolour or rust in the elements nor does it fade in the sun. allows you to include biographies, life stories, pictures and much more in your memorial, and it’s all stored safely away from the elements in SmartGraves’s servers, so future generations 100 years from now can come and visit the grave site of generations gone by and see the same memorial that you can see today. 


  • Cheap
  • Great Quality
  • Every Memorial is %100 unique
  • Made with durability in mind
  • Requires no upkeep or maintenance
  • Can be enjoyed by anyone with a smartphone at a gravesite


  • None
  1. Custom Made Plaques.

Custom plaques are undoubtedly one of the best ways to decorate a gravesite in Ireland, they are robust customisable and simply unique. When buying a custom made plaque to be place on a grave in Ireland, the most important thing to consider is definitely the material that is used.

There 5 main materials that are commonly used for custom made plaques in Ireland but not all are created equal, they are in no particular order wood, granite, limestone, brass and glass.

Wood Plaque (Best Budget Buy)


  • Very cheap material.
  • Can be easily customised.
  • Low risk of theft.
  • Can be made at home.
  • Great temporary solution. 


  • Has a tendency to rot in wet weather.
  • Fixings can come loose.

Granite plaque (Best Quality)


  • Can be easily customised
  • Can easily last decades in harsh weather without fading


  • Can be very expensive
  • If they are not personalised they can be stolen
  • Limited selection of colours

Glass Plaque (Best Overall)


  • Easily customisable
  • Holds pictures very well without fading
  • Inexpensive 
  • Will go with most coloured graves


  • Has been known to crack in extreme climates

Flowers are easily the most common ornament to see on graves these days, flowers are the easiest way to add a splash of colour to a grave, Many people choose to place artificial flowers on graves due to their low maintenance and colourful appearance all year round.

Artificial flowers can be a great way of honouring loved ones who have passed away and are often much less expensive than their natural counterparts. 

Many people choose artificial flowers in Ireland as it allows people to decorate a grave with exotic colourful flowers that would certainly wither if they were grown naturally due to the ever-changing Irish weather.


  • A great way to add a splash of colour
  • Artificial flowers are ‘evergreen’ and can last years
  • Inexpensive


  • Natural flowers require frequent care
  • Can blow over and spill in windy weather
  • Frost can kill natural flowers
  1. Religious Memorabilia.

The majority of graveyards in Ireland are full of religious memorabilia, like statues, prayer plaques and crosses etc.

Religious ornaments can be a great way of showing someone’s beliefs, religious ornaments come in a variety of different shapes and sizes ranging from crosses to lanterns, luckily this also means that there is something for everyone’s budget high end hand crafted marble statues can cost upwards of a €1000 but mass produced ornaments that you can buy at any garden hardware shop usually cost from €30 to €100.


  • Great way to express your loved one’s beliefs
  • Many ornaments can be purchased at a reasonable price
  • Religious ornaments are not typically stolen


  • Custom pieces may be very expensive
  1. Memorial Lanterns.

In recent years there has been a rise in gravesites with memorial lanterns, many lanterns use solar panel technology which disregards the need for disposable batteries which could lead to a lot of expense over a long period of time.

Solar panel technology although it’s great for the environment, Solar panels can be quite costly with some lanterns costing €100 to €700 for higher end models. Solar panel lanterns are a perfect way to make a grave stand out on dark winter evenings.


  • Fantastic for sprucing up an old grave.
  • Great for keeping light on a grave on cold, dark evenings.


  • Not typically customisable
  • Expensive 

Final Thoughts.

For this round-up the clear winner for us is the ‘ QR coded online memorial.’ In all categories ‘’ ticks all the boxes. has brought true uniqueness, and value to the table without sacrificing quality and durability.